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Making Sense of Different Potty Training Methods

Potty training looks complicated, with a seemingly endless number of training approaches out there. The truth, however, is that these can be broken down into six easy-to-understand categories. Find out why choosing the right approach is surprisingly easy.

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The Daycare (or Preschool) Handoff

Potty training at home is only half the battle if you'll be handing you child over to daycare or preschool. What's more, potty training polices at these facilities run the gamut from reasonable to plain crazy. Read our "easy peasy" 3-step guide to getting the transition right! 

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Our Top 10 'Must Know' Potty Training Tips

Whether you've already started training or it's just over the horizon, check out our top 'must know' 10 potty training tips. Good things to know regardless of the potty training approach you take, with one itsy bitsy exception (i.e. don't do 'child led'). We just wish someone had told us!

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Why Potty Chairs ROCK!

Reasons why we say 'YES' to potty chairs (especially for 'newbie' potty learners)!  They're approachable, safe, great for promoting independence and awesome teaching tools. 

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Why Travel Potty Seats Are GRREAT!

Potty training at home isn't actually all that hard. Continuing training while outside the home is a whole different story. Find out why travel potty seats are the key to cracking the potty training code.

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Features To Look For In A Potty Seat

There's a lot more to the humble potty seat than initially meets the eye. Here's the inside scoop on what makes a great potty seat and what features you should avoid.

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The Potty Proud Approach:
A Step-by-Step Guide to Potty Train your Child Fast!

Read our step-by-step approach to teaching your child the foundations of potty training in three days.

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Signs Your Child Is Ready To Potty Train

The "pro's" break things down into three types of readiness: physical, cognitive and psychological. The truth is that its much, much easier to tell if your child is ready.

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Why Early Potty Training is Better Potty Training

There are a TON of reasons to start potty training early rather than later.  Find out the science behind why early is better.