Hand Holding Folded Potty Proud Seat Above Toilet
Large Image of Deployed Potty Proud Seat with Smaller Image of Folding Seat Going Into Carry Bag in Corner
Happy Toddler Being Shown Deployed Potty Proud Seat on Toilet
Smiling Toddler Sitting on Deployed Potty Proud Seat on Toilet

Potty Proud Folding Potty Seat

One Proud Toddler, LLC
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  • FREE SHIPPING, 30 DAY RETURNS  Price includes free shipping and tracking via USPS Ground Advantage for delivery addresses within the United States. We offer a 30 day return policy.
  • ULTRA COMPACT – The Potty Proud is approximately 35% thinner than competing seats in the folded position, only taking up as much space as two folded diapers in your purse or bag.
  • ULTRA NON-SLIP, SUPER STURDY – The non-slip liner makes the Potty Proud extra safe and secure by creating a stable seating platform atop all common plastic toilet seats.  Sturdy design with locking hinges is suitable for kids up to 60 lbs.
  • INCLUDED CARRY BAG YOU'LL ACTUALLY USE Includes stylish and machine washable carry bag with water-resistant liner. 
  • ULTRA CLEAN – No ribs, suction cups, pads or clips make cleaning a breeze while the non-slip liner limits contact points with the toilet underneath. The included carry bag provides a tidy place to store it all.
  • TRUE UNIVERSAL FIT – The Potty Proud is designed to work atop all common plastic toilet seats, including commercial versions found in public settings.
  • SEAT MADE IN USA – The Potty Proud is proudly manufactured in the United States. *Carrying bag is imported.

Customer Reviews

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Meredith B. (Minneapolis, US)

We recently started potty training my 2yr old son. We learned pretty quickly that using a bathroom out and about would be more challenging as he wasn't comfortable with the different seats. I introduced him to the folding potty seat at home to get him familiar with it. We tested it out this weekend when we went out to eat and he successfully used the potty at the restaurant twice! He likes to put it on the potty himself. We had a proud toddler and a proud mama this week!

Sara H. (Buffalo, US)
This saved us!

My 2.5 year old was so scared to use public restrooms because the toilets are "so big". We got the Potty Proud Folding Seat and he's totally fine going potty anywhere now! This really saved us when it comes to using any other potty that's outside of our home. Thank you so much!

Carl T.I. (New York, US)
Awesome Portable Potty Seat

I’ll say I started out skeptical about this foldable potty seat when I saw it on instagram. I even mentioned in the comments that my wife and I had tried a couple other folding potty seats and they were super flimsy and d our son didn’t like them because he felt like he was going to fall in. The folks from One Proud Toddler quickly responded that they had the same issues with other potty seats, and that’s why they designed this one. With how engaged they were with the comments I figured I’d give it a shot… I’m certainly glad I did! This thing has been great, it works on every toilet we’ve used it on sat far, the latching mechanisms make it super sturdy, it was a good price, and our son loves it! I would highly recommend this to any parent that is looking for a portable potty seat for in their diaper bag. It folds down to a very manageable size and comes with a nice little bag to store it in. Hands down the best folding potty seat I’ve had.

Genevieve R. (Minden, US)

This is just as advertised. Sturdy and fits well in the provided carry bag. Glad I bought this. Thank you.

Kim D. (Ardmore, US)
Sturdy potty chair

Sturdy potty chair.
So, I’ve purchased other ones from Amazon. The ones from Amazon is flimsy at best. One proud toddler’s version is sturdy and safe. It won’t move. It won’t pinch my child’s bum or legs. It folds into a neat quality zip bag. It’s also so darn cute! We took this potty chair seat with us to Disney World. My daughter loved how it wouldn’t move even though she likes to wiggle on the potty. I will be taking this on our next trip to Turks and Caicos! Thanks one proud toddler!!