Free Downloadable Activities & Resources 

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Visual Learning Cards! (4 Pages With 16 Steps)

Print out these fun cards, cut along the dotted lines and use a hole punch to make a mini book with string or a book ring!  Once the book is put together, flip through the steps with your toddler!  Each card demonstrates an important step in the potty learning process or an activity to help familiarize your child with what it takes to use the potty!

My Potty Learning Journey Reward Chart!

Print out this fun chart, post it on the wall and use stickers or anything to fill in each star whenever your child completes a step! Toddlers also love using star-shaped hole punches and construction paper to make colorful paper stars that can be glued on.   

Potty All-Star Activity Reward Tokens!

An amazing tool to encourage your potty all-star!  Simply print out the sheet, cut the tokens along the dotted line and give them to your kiddo to encourage positive behavior.  Can be used for potty training or any toddler moment that deserves acknowledgement.

No.1 and No.2 Reward Tokens!

Celebrate little (or not so little) No.1 and No.2 victories with these fun tokens! 

Certificate of Achievement!

Potty training is a MAJOR accomplishment!  Celebrate it with this personalizable certificate of achievement!